git log is an excellent command to view the history of commits in your project. There are a number of flags it can take to customize the output. These are some of my favorites.

git log

Returns the entire history of the current branch of your project

git log --oneline

Condensed view of git log. Displays only a truncated commit hash and the commit message.

git log -4

Shows just the last 4 commits

git log --name-status

Shows the files that were changed in each commit

git log -p

Shows the file diff in the log output

git log --after="2019-07-01" --before="2019-09-30"

Shows commits in a date range

git log --grep="mesa verde"

Shows commits where commit message contains a term

git log --

Shows commits just for a given file

git log -S"heisenberg"

# OR 

git log -G"\bh[a-z]*rg\b"

Shows commits where that term was added to a file. -S flag for text search; -G for regex search