My husband and I have developed a tradition over the past few years. When I get sick with a cold, he makes me chicken noodle soup. He makes chicken stock in large batches every few months and freezes it. He uses that as base for a chicken noodle soup recipe he’s developed with hearty greens, potatoes, chicken sausage, and egg noodles.

When he’s sick, I make him ajiaco, a kind of Colombian chicken soup. I use the recipe from Simply Recipes, one of my favorite cooking blogs. I’ve been happy with every single thing I’ve made from there.

There’s almost nothing I do differently with this recipe except for one thing with the aji (salsa). First, I take half of all the salsa ingredients except the habanero peppers and process them in the food processor. I scoop out a couple of spoonfuls of this and keep it aside. Then I add in the habaneros, seeds/ribs and all, along with the other half of all the ingredients and finish processing them together. This way I have spicy salsa for me and my husband, and a little bit of mild salsa for our toddler.