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  1. Python and GeoPandas

    I recently worked on a report documenting instructor and workshop activities for The Carpentries. Much of it was built using Pandas, a tool I am relatively familiar with. I also included some geospatial visualizations, using GeoPandas for the first time.

    The Python GeoPandas library works much like Pandas, but for …

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  2. Using grep

    grep is a bash program that searches files for lines containing a match to a given pattern.

    Without any special tricks, it's used like this. This will search for the pattern string inside the file file.txt. Each line that matches is displayed entirely.

    grep 'string' file.txt

    This can …

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  3. ssh and Raspberry Pi

    Many years ago I got an early version of the Raspberry Pi. I fiddled with it a bit but didn't do much with it. A few months ago I decided to buy a newer version to have a mini computer I could use for a specific web scraping project I …

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  4. Subtotals and Grouping with Pandas

    For a long time, I've had this hobby project exploring Philadelphia City Council election data. I've learned no agency has this data collected or maintained in a consistent, normalized manner. From election to election, vote counts are presented in different ways (as explored in this blog post), candidate names are …

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  5. Looping through Python command line arguments

    I have a Python script that does some image manipulation and outputs a new file. From the command line, it takes two arguments, the old file and new file:

    python image_converter.py oldfile.jpg newfile.jpg

    I wanted to run this over a bunch of files, and used this bash …

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  6. Making files by the batch

    I had a list of names and I wanted to create an empty file with each of those names.

    First I saved my list of names to a file with the .md extension since they were all going to be markdown files.


    hillary.md …
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  7. Stashing revisions in Git

    Tue 22 November 2016 | tags: git |

    Sometimes I'll be working on a project, having moved along a few steps from my last commit, only to remember there was something else I wnated to do before the point I'm at now. Since the point I'm at now isn't really ready for a commit, I don't want to …

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  8. Django Databases and Date Ranges

    I'm continuing to work on my project analyzing data about Philadelphia City Council - elections, demographics, terms of service, etc., even as heartbroken and terrified I am about the recent Presidential election. A very crude version of this project is here. A big thing that this never did was to look …

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  9. Jupyter Notebook and the Django shell

    I've been working on a project analyzing data about Philadelphia City Council - elections, demographics, terms of service, etc. A very crude version of this project is here. I want to make this more robust, and a big part of doing so includes playing with code. One of my favorite ways …

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